Bikes are not only an environmentally friendly means of travel, but many people use bikes as fitness equipment to exercise, and bikes are also a sports competition, such as mountain biking and road cycling.

Recommended guide for buying mountain and road bikes

As a cycling enthusiast, when I first started to choose a bike, I read a lot of seniors’ comments on which bike to choose, and spent a lot of time to understand the knowledge of bikes. Now, I would like to share some experience of car selection with you, so that you can choose a suitable car without taking some detours.

There are many categories of biks, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes, commuter bikes, etc. An article can’t say enough. This article mainly talks about mountain bikes and road bikes, and the others will be updated when there is time.

The types of bikes

Our most common models are commuter bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. In addition, there are many other models. I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type of model. Just look at the picture below.

category of bike
Commuter bikes: high comfort, but not very fast, mainly used for commuting to work, or riding to buy groceries.
Road bikes: The bikes are light in weight, fast, and look good, and can only be ridden on flat surfaces.
Mountain bikes: They have good suspension performance and can adapt to complex road surfaces. They are the first choice for many people.
Touring bike: suitable for long-distance travel, using reliable and durable materials with high load capacity.
Folding bikes: small body, easy to carry out to play, can also be used to commute to get off work, the common brands are Dahang, Eurasia
Dead flying bike: The car is simple, the flywheel is fixed, there is no brake (the brake system can be installed) and the speed change system, and the pedal is used to brake.

The main brands of bikes are: Giant, Xidesheng, Merida, Bond Fujita, Dahang, ucc, Decathlon, Trek, etc.
The good reputation is Giant, Merida, Xidesheng, Bond Fujita, ucc, etc.
Giant bikes have a good reputation, but the price will be more expensive. Xidesheng and Merida are also very good, and the price is medium.

How to choose the right bike

How to choose the right bike

1. Look at the use and road surface

Before choosing which type of bike, we must first clarify our purpose and what the road surface will be on. Are you cycling as a hobby, or are you commuting to work? How many kilometers is the riding distance? Is the road rough or very smooth? All these factors have to be considered.
If you ride to work, the distance is a few kilometers, and the road is flat, then you can choose a commuter car or a road car. If the road is complicated, a mountain bike is better, and a folding bike is also possible, depending on your preference.
If you are using it for fitness and riding on a flat road, you can choose a road bike, which is very fast.
If you use it for outing and riding in the wild, and the road is more complicated, then a mountain bike is more suitable, and the shock absorption performance is good.
If you plan to ride on a long-distance trip, you can choose a touring bike. The materials used in the touring bike are relatively durable materials, with good load-bearing capacity, suitable for carrying various things and suitable for long-distance travel.

2. Look at the frame

Common frame materials are: carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel, titanium alloy and carbon fiber frame are more expensive, aluminum alloy and steel will be cheaper.
Carbon fiber is a synthetic material, which has the advantage of being light in weight, relatively elastic, and has a good ride feel. The disadvantage is that the damage cannot be repaired.
Titanium alloy is a high-performance material used in aviation products. It is corrosion-resistant, light-weight, elastic, and has a great ride feel, but the price will be more expensive.
Aluminum alloy frame is also relatively light in weight and resistant to corrosion
The steel frame is elastic, shock-absorbing and comfortable to ride, but it will be heavier and easy to rust.

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